Water-Fed Pole System

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Our Water-Fed Pole set up is a 3-Stage Purification System that produces 100% PURE WATER. 

Water is ran through 3 stages of purification. It first goes through a Carbon Filter, then Reverse Osmosis & finally through Deionizing Resin creating perfectly PURE WATER with ZERO total dissolved solids. The pure water is then ran through a carbon pole which has a boars hair brush as well as a crushed walnut pad attached to it for an abrasive yet glass-safe cleaning. The windows and frames are scrubbed thoroughly and then rinsed with the pure water. The end results are streakless, spotless, crystal clear windows. There are zero soaps or solutions used with this system which actually keeps the glass CLEANER LONGER as there is no chemical residue left for dirt to adhere to. 

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Ladder Falls are the #1 current cause of accidents. When there is unsafe and dangerous ladder situations created by terrain or obstacles a Water-Fed Pole System is often the safest & wisest route. 

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A Solar Panels Best friend 

When it comes to cleaning Solar Panels a Water-Fed Pole System is hands down the BEST METHOD to use by far! The brushes are safe for all panels and the spotless & streakless results from pure water are paramount for panel efficiency. Combined with the huge benefit of using NO soaps or solutions prolonging the time the panels stay clean. There's no better way to maintain your solar panels and maximize efficiency! 

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Only the BEST

There are many Water-Fed Pole Sytems, Poles and brushes available in the industry nowadays. But we refuse to use anything but the best equipment available. We use only "XERO" products to achieve the highest levels of quality possible. 

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